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The ThetaHealing® technique is a powerful healing tool, based on a meditative process that uses the Theta brain wave to access our subconscious and change limiting beliefs. Our brains have 5 basic frequencies, (gamma, beta, alpha, Theta and Delta) - when we are dreaming, under hypnosis or in really deep meditation, the dominant frequency in our brains is the Theta wave. From this frequency, we are able to connect with the Source of All That Is, and through this connection it is possible to reprogram negative thought patterns into new, empowering ones. When we change what we believe in, we change the way we see life, the way we feel and how we behave. We take back control over our lives. We restore balance and harmony, increasing the sense of inner peace, self-love, self-worth, personal power and joy. Theta Healing can help with a wide variety of issues, from trauma, addiction, fears and phobias, physical illness and anxiety to manifesting goals, creating abundance and becoming more self-confident.

A Theta Healing session usually lasts between 45 minutes to an hour and a half, with the receiver sitting down comfortably in front of the Theta Healer, in a calm, soothing environment. The session looks like a conversation with closed eyes, in which the practitioner asks questions to the receiver, in order to unravel the numerous layers of belief and reach the core ones. It is these core beliefs that will then be changed, causing a domino effect in other beliefs, and ultimately leading to healing taking place. The number of sessions needed to address an issue depends on the issue and on the willingness and openness of the receiver. A Theta Healing session can be done both online or in person.

I offer Theta Healing sessions both online and in person (at Casa Nacura). 

Price: 45€ per session

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch. 

Theta Healing

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