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About Bindu


Born and raised in Porto, Portugal, I graduated from University as an Elementary School Teacher in 2008. I have always loved traveling but had never considered the idea of living abroad until I was offered a job proposal in East Timor, in the beginning of 2009. The decision was not that easy at first, but I eventually said 'yes'. In my mind I made a vow - I told myself that even though I was moving for work related reasons, on a personal level I wanted to use this opportunity of being in Asia to explore my spiritual connection. So with lots of fears and hopes, I embarked on my new adventure. 

As soon as I settled down in Timor, I met an amazing soul that introduced me to Reiki. From the very beginning I felt fascinated by this incredible technique and I soon received my Reiki I attunement. I could see the changes happening within me and I also had feedback from those around me - even though they weren't aware of my recent attunement, they could feel that I was calmer and more serene in the way I managed problems in my life. I continued on studying and doing Reiki, and moved by the desire to share and teach this simple, yet very potent technique, eventually I achieved the level of Teacher in the end of 2010. Since then, I have taught Reiki in Portugal, Italy, Nepal, Peru and Brazil. 

Reiki was the very first step in my path towards self healing and it changed my life in ways that I could have ever imagined. It opened the doors of perception and introduced me to the fascinating world of holistic healing. In mid 2014, I decided to stop working as a teacher and to fully dedicate myself to my own healing path, to working with Reiki and to learning other healing techniques towards which I had been feeling very called. Fueled by my natural curiosity and learning desire, but also from a strong sense of mission, I started travelling through Southeast Asia and South America discovering, practicing and learning different conscious opening and healing therapies. From these travels I have brought Meditations and Visualizations, Sacred Chants, Healing Rites with nature e many other treasures. During my travels I also had the privilege to meet amazing Women, who introduced me to the Sacred Feminine and the Sisterhood among Women. After much exploration and self-discovery, I felt called to share the knowledge I had gathered with other Women. This evolved in time and led me to work more and more with Women deconditioning. Nowadays a big part of my work is dedicated to Women, to helping reawaken the Sacred Feminine in our Planet Earth and to help other Sisters heal  and reclaim their Personal Power.

Back to Europe, I decided to venture into new areas. In 2017, I became a Theta Healer and I have been studying and practicing the technique since then. In 2018, I finished my studies in Herbalism and Bach Flowers, with the Accademia di Arti Erboristiche (Academy for herbal professionals) in Rome, Italy.

My unique approach to Healing comes from the combination of the all the techniques I studied and learned around the world, mixed with my deep love and reverence for Mother Earth, together with the experience gained through my own healing path. I have been been guiding and supporting people overcome life crisis and living a more fulfilled life for several years.

Nowadays, I am a care-keeper and inhabitant of Val Fontes, home of the Casa Nacura project, where I live a simple life among the song of the birds and the perfume of the wild herbs. Sustainability, Yoga, Gratitude, Inner Peace and Nature play an important role in my everyday life. I lives by my Principles of Truth and Love, and I openly share my wisdom and energy with all those who cross my path.

My life path 

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