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Why Naturopathy?

Who am I?


My name is Ana Abreu,

or as I prefer to be called Bindu,

and I am a Listener and a Care Taker.

I am a Medicine Woman,

a Healer, 

 a Wisdom Keeper

of our Great Mother Earth.

I live by the principles of Love,


and of Service towards all Sentient beings.

Meet Bindu

Anand Bindu

Holistic Life Coach and Therapist

Watercolor Butterfly


“Bindu is an amazing healer. I went to her after a painful break-up and Bindu held me beautifully throughout my process. My time with her has been deeply nourishing for my heart and soul."

— Amy (Australia)


Services and Therapies

A unique approach 

"Over every mountain there is a path, although it may not be seen from the valley"

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